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About us
IMPACT ELECTRONICS was founded in 1988 with the defined aim of providing the right mix of customer's consultation and representation for foreign companies, serving the Israeli defense & commercial markets in the growing Microwave and Communication Business.

IMPACT's prime resource is the experienced and professional staff who have years of experience in the RF & Microwave markets (Radar & EW Systems, Telecommunication & Satellite Communication etc.) & also have high level experience during the service in the Israeli Defense Forces.

The founding Managing Director ,Yossi Cohen (B.Sc.), who is the sole owner of IMPACT has over 35 years experience and extensive knowledge at the RF & Microwave fields.

Since its establishment IMPACT is geared to the goal of providing both: best service for our customers & a window of opportunities to the foreign manufacturers in the Israeli Microwave & Communication markets. This attitude is making IMPACT an important long term partner for it's principals & customers.

IMPACT office is located in Raanana, Israel, which is on the outskirts of Tel-Aviv.
Our team includes 5 employees: 3 RF & Microwave sales engineers & technical people, one sales coordinator and one secretary.


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