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MIM: Metal Injection Molding

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a low cost, high volume manufacturing process that produces parts to near net shape, resulting in lower secondary and machining operations. The process technology also lends itself to Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM) of small, high wear resistant components.

The PIM / MIM process

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Special Tubing

Special metal tubing, Glass to metal tubing, Sidewall frames, General engineering tubing, Tantalum tube/rode/sheet, Berillium Copper tubing.

Materials: Silver, Silver Alloys, Gold, Platinum and other alloys, KOVAR, Various other Nickel Iron alloys and other specialty metals, INVAR, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Stainless steel, Monel, Cupro-nickel, and low-carbon steel.

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Stamping & Coining

Deep Drawn:
Drawn metal stamping for Electronic, Medical, Telecommunications, Automotive and a variety of other applications. Tool design and product development allows parts from 0.060" - 2" in diameter with draw depths in excess of 1.5" on material 0.005" - 0.030" thick.

Coined parts:
A unique coining process allows for high volume production capable of taking the place of many slower and more costly machining operations.  Optimize design for manufacturability.  TO, Oscillator and Crystal platforms, in material thickness available up to 0.100".

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Tantalum & Niobium
Seamless Tantalum tubing and Tantalum alloy tubing to ASTM B521. Niobium and Niobium alloys to ASTM B394 to your specifications.

Custom tube dimensions, including ODs from 0.040"- 4" and walls from 0.003"-0.375". Also annealing and cutting, stamping and coining. Rod and sheet is also available.

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Waveguide Tubing

Seamless waveguide tubing. Rigid rectangular, Circular, Flexible, Flexible Twistable, Seamless flexible. WR 3 to WR430. Copper & Bronze, Invar, Stainless, Carbon steel, Silver.

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