Electronic Components
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Chip Products
Circulators & Isolators
Connectors & Cables
Control Devices
High Power
Passive Components
Radar Sensors
Slip Rings & Rotary Joints
Tubing & Metal
Waveguide Components
YIG Products
General purpose Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Instrumentaion Amplifiers, Cryogenic Amplifiers & systems, Custom items. Freq up to 110GHz.
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Antennas & Products for Antennas
Horns, Omni-Directional, Lens Antennas, Prime Focus Antennas, Transitions, Rotary Joints, Custom designs. Freq: up to 140 GHz.
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Control Devices
Circulators, Isolators, PIN Attenuators, PIN Switches. Freq up to 110 GHz.
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Receiver Products
Detectors, Mixers, Diplexers, Spectrum analyzers Mixers & Diplexers, Upconverters. Freq: up to 170 GHz.
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Sources & Multipliers
Gunn Oscillators & Phase locked Oscillators, IMPATT Diodes, Millimeter Wave Sources, Multipliers, Noise Sources. Freq up to 150 GHz.
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Test Equipments
Waveguide Switches, Level Set Attenuators, Phase Shifters: Motorised, Progammable, Variable. Freq up to 170 GHz.
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Waveguide Millimeter Wave products
Couplers, Filters, Hybrid Tees & Power Dividers, Waveguide Tees, Straight Sections, Transiotions, Custom assemblies, Waveguide Terminations, Waveguide Bends & Twists, Tunable Loads, Shorts & E-H Tuners, Flanges & Waveguide to Coax Adapters. Freq up to 220 GHz.
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